Visualizing Bangladesh Premier League Football 2019

Charting the rise of Bashundhara Kings

Though a bit late to the party, finally done with a racing bar chart with Bangladesh Premier League Football 2019 points table. Steps taken: Scraped match data from web Lots of cleansing and munging specially to interpolate a smooth transition between numbers Animation (easy part) Animation compression to save loading... [Read More]
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Wireless mobile technology launch over the years

Following the trail as the world enters 5G

As the World slowly ventures into 5G era, I think this is a good time to trace the trail of wireless cellular technology adoption by countries over the years. Hence, this visualization charting the adoption of 3G,4G and 5G. Few Notes: As some of my peers was misinterpreting the visualization... [Read More]
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Visualizing Bangladesh #5

Labor force participation by gender over the years

This is the fifth entry in my series of Visualizing Bangladesh. This time an animated chart of labor participation rate by male and female over the years for people aged 15-64 years . Female participation rate vastly improved (+11 pp in just last decade) and the gap is closing in... [Read More]
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Visualizing Bangladesh #4

Population Mix over the Years

This is the fourth entry in my series of Visualizing Bangladesh. This time an animated chart of population mix over the years. Bangladesh will be primed with youth working population between 2020 to 2030. It is hammer time for economic progress. Data Source: World Bank (2019 November) [Read More]
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