#TidyTuesday CEO exits of S&P1500

A look over two decades of data

This week’s #TidyTuesday dataset is about CEO departures in S&P 1500 firms.TidyTuesday is a weekly data project aimed at the R ecosystem. I have taken 2000-2019 data and tried to plot the two decades of reason on why CEOs leave. The Outcome CEO departures have increased significantly in recent years.... [Read More]
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Exploring News Sentiment: Feb'21

Are you getting positive or negative news

News_Feb_2021.utf8 It has been nearly seven months since I put up anything on my blog due to undertaking some life and time-devouring projects in my professional life. While my blog writing was de-prioritized, I managed to learn some tricks on text analysis through byte sized online learning. Today, I am... [Read More]
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Tidymodels : Exploring iris

Getting to know modeling the tidy way

Caret has long been the go-to package for machine learning with R. But it was not quite standardized like python counterpart scikit-learn. With tidymodels, this is about to change with caret developer Max Kuhn spearheading the project. In this project, I will run through the iris dataset to showcase the... [Read More]
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