Resolution Wars: Q1 2018 Update

HD slows down with FHD and Quad HD gaining momemntum

Last year, I did an article (Resolution Wars: Device Resolution over Time) on resolution changes in newly releases mobile devices over the years. It’s been six months since that article and I think its about time we revisit the current status of that trend. About Source Data We will be... [Read More]
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4G launched in Bangladesh

Benefits and to-dos to avail the service

4G has been launched in Bangladesh on 19-Feb’2018 by four operators - Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink and state-owned Teletalk . Though everyone is raving about higher speed(throughput), 4G is not about brute speed only. It is also about user experience. So, lets check how the experience fares. The test has been... [Read More]
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Visualizing Bangladesh #01

Household Density by Thana

While searching for data related to Bangladesh, I stumbled upon lots of obstacles - shoddy unresponsive websites, badly formatted tables nightmarishly embedded in pdfs and little to no visualization. To allay this, we are starting this new series with the aim to visualize Bangladesh- one graph at a time. This... [Read More]
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Resolution Wars: Device Resolution over Time

FHD is becoming norm but the journey beyond may be slower

Last weekend, I did an article(Phone Height over Time) on phone heights and their change over time. This week, I will try to focus on another major metric for telecommunication user devices- Resolution. Additionally, I’d try to highlight challenges one may face to reach desired result from any data. About... [Read More]
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Phone Height in Time (August'17 update)

Larger Chart for Clarity

Scatter Diagram plotting Device Heights over the Years Hover over any point to get the device name, brand, height and release month Zoom by holding the left mouse button and selecting an area Pan by holding Shift and moving left mouse button You can view the original article with analysis... [Read More]
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