Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to read the first post. I created this first post not only to say hello to the world (which has become customary at the start of any digital voyage) but also to set my vision for the blog. The reason behind this is any plan or strategy should begin with a vision and some specific objectives so that you have a reference point in terms of where your plan is. Without much further ado, lets get on with the vision (Dreams some say) of this small endeavor.

For last few years, I became fascinated by the field of data science and how it is changing our lives for the better. This fascination led to a severe addiction of data science and I found myself writing codes in all day long even on weekends. Though, I was doing lots of scraping and visualization, it was all confined to my individual self only. My vision for this blog is to break those ideas from confinement and give them a space in the world wide web. If even one or two individuals find it helpful, I’d consider the blog a success.

Now that the grand vision is set, let’s move on to the specific objectives. The objectives I will try to achieve is as follow-

  • Share the ideas/codes that I wrote (as mentioned in the grand vision part)
  • Data science scene in my country Bangladesh is still at infancy and literature in my mother tongue Bengali is almost non-existent. I aim to write my blog in two languages in not so distant future (Though I’m still not proficient in Bengali typing)
  • Collaborate with others with similar or dissimilar interest (addiction) in data science

I’ll leave it here for today. If you are reading up to this, thank you for bearing with my not so eloquent writing.