This is the first visualization of year 2020 where I intend to be more active in my blog. The visualization is about mobile subscription trend over the years. Although 4G/LTE is yet to peak, we expect to see huge adoption of 5G within 2-3 years as forecasted by Ericsson.

The major advantages of 5G over 4G will be-

  • Better speed (Obvious! Else how are we gonna stream those 4K/8K VR videos )
  • Lower latency (The solution for a better Google Stadia and maybe lesser cables)
  • Lots of devices under same area (Home is truly gonna be sci-fi. Imagine hundreds of sensors to help (and track) you all day long)

Tools used:

  • R for visualization
  • Several node.js packages for image optimization as I have limited space on server

Mobile subscriptions