Mobile subscription by technologies

5G to accelerate within 2-3 years

This is the first visualization of year 2020 where I intend to be more active in my blog. The visualization is about mobile subscription trend over the years. Although 4G/LTE is yet to peak, we expect to see huge adoption of 5G within 2-3 years as forecasted by Ericsson. The... [Read More]
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Visualizing Bangladesh Premier League Football 2019

Charting the rise of Bashundhara Kings

Though a bit late to the party, finally done with a racing bar chart with Bangladesh Premier League Football 2019 points table. Steps taken: Scraped match data from web Lots of cleansing and munging specially to interpolate a smooth transition between numbers Animation (easy part) Animation compression to save loading... [Read More]
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Wireless mobile technology launch over the years

Following the trail as the world enters 5G

As the World slowly ventures into 5G era, I think this is a good time to trace the trail of wireless cellular technology adoption by countries over the years. Hence, this visualization charting the adoption of 3G,4G and 5G. Few Notes: As some of my peers was misinterpreting the visualization... [Read More]
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