Visualizing Bangladesh #4

Population Mix over the Years

This is the fourth entry in my series of Visualizing Bangladesh. This time an animated chart of population mix over the years. Bangladesh will be primed with youth working population between 2020 to 2030. It is hammer time for economic progress. Data Source: World Bank (2019 November) [Read More]
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Visualizing Bangladesh #3

Mobile Telecom Subscriber by Year

This is the third entry in my series of Visualizing Bangladesh. This time an animated chart of mobile telecom subscriber trend with key events from 2001 onwards. Mobile telephony in Bangladesh actually started in 1989 but due to subscriber data unavailability, I have to start from 2001. If any kind... [Read More]
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Resolution Wars: October 2019 Update

Business as usual : HD declining fast with FHD gaining faster

On 2017, I began analyzing mobile device releases and the change of resolution over the years. This is the 4th iteration of that. You can check the last one here - (Resolution Wars: Q4 2018 Update) . It’s been almost 9 months since that article and I think its about... [Read More]
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Exploring Orange : A Beginner Friendly Data Mining Toolkit

First workflow for a well known dataset

Lately, machine learning has become the buzzword in business community and rightly so due to the immense opportunities it offers. But one hurdle absolute beginners face is learning a new language like R or Python. Yes! they are absolutely necessary if you want to control and tune every single aspect... [Read More]
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Visualizing Bangladesh #02

GDP Distribution by Sector

It has been almost a year and a half since I did my entry on Visualizing Bangladesh. This is the second entry highlighting GDP distribution by sector at current prices for 2017-18. The source data can be found here in Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. The values are in BDT Bn... [Read More]
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