Phone Height over Time

A data-driven look at cellphone evolution over years

A few days back in a discussion someone pointed that phone heights have started to shrink again after continuous increase from last 10 odd years. But he could not back up that with data. For few days, I was searching for a reason to deep dive into large data pool... [Read More]
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Genre Diversity: Shooters and Action Adventures dominate Playstation-4

First a prelude of sorts. While wandering around different gaming forums, I came across lots of people complaining ABC console is less diverse but found no hard facts(numbers) to back that up. After the great response (and criticism) for my previous five-parter series Consoles in Numbers ( links can be... [Read More]
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Wii U Developers: One developer show was simply not enough

Lack of multi-platform and third party support trumped an otherwise excellent stable of first party titles

This is the second portion of our Wii U analysis and is focused on developers. You can check out first part of the Wii U here- Wii U in Numbers -First Part of Wii U This is also the third part of the ongoing analysis of consoles this gen. You... [Read More]
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