Genre Diversity: Shooters and Action Adventures dominate Playstation-4

First a prelude of sorts. While wandering around different gaming forums, I came across lots of people complaining ABC console is less diverse but found no hard facts(numbers) to back that up. After the great response (and criticism) for my previous five-parter series Consoles in Numbers ( links can be... [Read More]
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Wii U Developers: One developer show was simply not enough

Lack of multi-platform and third party support trumped an otherwise excellent stable of first party titles

This is the second portion of our Wii U analysis and is focused on developers. You can check out first part of the Wii U here- Wii U in Numbers -First Part of Wii U This is also the third part of the ongoing analysis of consoles this gen. You... [Read More]
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No Naughty Dog in Microsoft's Kennel

A Metacritic Adventure: Lack of Exclusives Developers & their Consistency hurting XBox One

This is the second portion of the ongoing analysis on XBox One ecosystem. Other parts of the series can be found in the following links: XBox One in Numbers -First Part of XBox One PS4 in Numbers - Playstation 4 Source Data The data has been collected through days of... [Read More]
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